Not fishing but eating… 8/4/19

Not your every day dinner at the Kim residence: White (Ivory) King vs. Red King.We had the opportunity to do an un-biased taste test between the two using three different preparations: Sashimi, Nigiri/Chirashi, and broiled/baked.These two fish were caught a few weeks ago by me while in Neah Bay. I know how each fish was caught, bled, and iced to maximize the freshness and preserve its ultimate flavor. Both were separately vacuum sealed and frozen. Since you will never see Ivory king at your regular sushi restaurant I wanted to try it sashimi (raw) style with no other impart of outside seasoning so I could really compare the two side by side. I cut the collars off and de-skinned and boned off the neck by the pin bones. The sashimi was cut from the shoulders down to the belly and arranged accordingly to sample dorsal to lateral.I cubed some of the shoulder meat for shoyu based poke with a little minced jalapeno and sliced red onion. It would be sampled straight as well as over some freshly seasoned sushi rice chirashi style.The collars were seasoned the same: sea salt and a little garlic powder and baked/broiled in the oven. We didn’t put anything to waste and even broiled the skin to test.Results: the Ivory king was rich, smooth and buttery with little to no aftertaste. The similarity to Hamachi is un-canny. The fact that we don’t typically catch these and or may try them separately from its red colored brother isn’t a fair comparison. We enjoyed it as much or slightly better than the red colored variety in its basic and or seasoned and cooked forms. The red king was also rich, smooth, but finished with the lingering ‘fishy’ after taste. Not a bad thing, but for many the reason why some prefer Sockeye over King like myself. I couldn’t decide which king salmon was better than the other, they were both excellent and if I get into another white king it will be an extra treat for my family to enjoy again. Both fish were fun to catch and even tastier to sample side by side.

Neah Bay- last day 6/28/19

The last day run, the water was still as nice as could be and we pushed back west from Neah Bay to a new spot that looked very ‘fishy’ to me on the charts. My hunch turned out to be a good one as within seconds of the first drop of the rod, Mike was into a fish. The kids were bored of staying the cuddy and the sun was out, they decided to watch us fish. Since the action was so good and suddenly fishing was “FUN”.

One of the most amazing take downs that I caught on video. While some folks argue that using electric reels is not fishing, I dis-agree. For this type of fishing we sometimes filter through 30-40 fish before we come up with the ones we want to keep since the limit is 1 fish per license. In this case since it was the very first fish and catch for my boys, while their fish I’d probably would have released, decided to harvest it since it was their first.

My oldest had a blast with the AFTCO bonker, as I told him it was like a Pinata. Halibut Pinata and to hit it square between the eyes! HAHA

We took a detour to show Mike and the boys Tatoosh island, the secret Pirate caves, and saw tons of wild life. 

Back home, we turned the driveway into fish camp and spend the next day processing 14 halibut, 6 kinds, 3 Sablefish, and 1 very large arrowtooth flounder. All in all the most memorable trip that hopefully my kids will want to return back to someday.

Neah Bay: bonus Halibut 6/27/19

Overnight, it rained but the winds and marine forecast was still the same. The kids didn’t have rain gear, and we were a little soggy, but the sun did come out mid morning and the rain subsided around 13:00.

Fishing Swiftsure bank with the Cruise ship in the shipping lane behind us.

We made quick work of the halibut and then decided to convert to the King troll. We must have been too deep, but once we raised the downriggers to 100′ the action started happening. The starboard side rod went off, with red racer flasher and 4.0 Irish Creme spoon. I had Mike take it and it was FISH ON!

My big king, estimated to be around 24# on the same spoon combination. One of the best fights and true knuckle busting episodes that I can recall on Swiftsure bank.

Back at dock with the bounty. While we were 4 short of the limit, the kids were getting tired and we had to muster enough energy, clean fish, and make dinner for the last and final day.

Back at camp, the place filled up with campers and RV’s. Like everyone showed up for a rock concert.

Halibut Fish Tacos next to the campfire, oh so nice!