Neah Bay- last day 6/28/19

The last day run, the water was still as nice as could be and we pushed back west from Neah Bay to a new spot that looked very ‘fishy’ to me on the charts. My hunch turned out to be a good one as within seconds of the first drop of the rod, Mike was into a fish. The kids were bored of staying the cuddy and the sun was out, they decided to watch us fish. Since the action was so good and suddenly fishing was “FUN”.

One of the most amazing take downs that I caught on video. While some folks argue that using electric reels is not fishing, I dis-agree. For this type of fishing we sometimes filter through 30-40 fish before we come up with the ones we want to keep since the limit is 1 fish per license. In this case since it was the very first fish and catch for my boys, while their fish I’d probably would have released, decided to harvest it since it was their first.

My oldest had a blast with the AFTCO bonker, as I told him it was like a Pinata. Halibut Pinata and to hit it square between the eyes! HAHA

We took a detour to show Mike and the boys Tatoosh island, the secret Pirate caves, and saw tons of wild life. 

Back home, we turned the driveway into fish camp and spend the next day processing 14 halibut, 6 kinds, 3 Sablefish, and 1 very large arrowtooth flounder. All in all the most memorable trip that hopefully my kids will want to return back to someday.

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