Neah Bay: Canadian Swiftsure 6/26/19

The kids finished school a week ago and I had our sights set on making a trip to Neah Bay to fish for Halibut since the WDFW announced a few bonus openers for the bottom dwelling flat fish.  The stars, moon, tide and weather all aligned up nicely to make the run west.

Timing was also excellent as my good buddy Mike R. was able to make the trip out from Colorado to spend a few days catching up and fishing alongside. We rolled into the cabin the day prior to get the camper on the truck, boat loaded, and gear assembled and readied.  An al fresco dinner of pizza was just what the kids and I needed!

We had reservations at The Cape, located walking distance to the marina. Made some friends with ‘Fluffy, Butler, and Moocher’ the yellow lab. Not their real names, but the kids had a good imagination.

The marine conditions were perfect with a 3-4 swell at 12 seconds and very little to no wind. GO TIME!!!

Making the turn around Waadah island, it was flat as a pancake and looking at the Green Can just outside the harbor.

We witnessed a bunch of whales feeding on the bank, this one got close enough to shoot. While in the audio, I mention it was a Humpback. It was a grey whale. Everyone got a big kick out of the other wildlife including Bald Eagles, Dall Porpoise, Seals and Sea Lions, birds. The kids still liked the camp dogs the best.


Mike, with his first hook up and first halibut ever, he was all smiles!



The kids were pretty tired from the early morning wake up, both spent alot of time inside the cuddy sleeping and or snacking.

Back at dock with our 4 Canadian fish

Chris M. made quick work of filleting these guys dockside and we chunked off a piece to make butter poached on the BBQ grill. So yummy!


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