Neah Bay: bonus Halibut 6/27/19

Overnight, it rained but the winds and marine forecast was still the same. The kids didn’t have rain gear, and we were a little soggy, but the sun did come out mid morning and the rain subsided around 13:00.

Fishing Swiftsure bank with the Cruise ship in the shipping lane behind us.

We made quick work of the halibut and then decided to convert to the King troll. We must have been too deep, but once we raised the downriggers to 100′ the action started happening. The starboard side rod went off, with red racer flasher and 4.0 Irish Creme spoon. I had Mike take it and it was FISH ON!

My big king, estimated to be around 24# on the same spoon combination. One of the best fights and true knuckle busting episodes that I can recall on Swiftsure bank.

Back at dock with the bounty. While we were 4 short of the limit, the kids were getting tired and we had to muster enough energy, clean fish, and make dinner for the last and final day.

Back at camp, the place filled up with campers and RV’s. Like everyone showed up for a rock concert.

Halibut Fish Tacos next to the campfire, oh so nice!


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