Edmonds Spot Prawn: May 15th, 2019

The second and final day that WDFW allowed for Spot Prawn in Area 9 fell on Humpday. We had heard of good reports from our friend David K. and was fortunate to have the invited along with Jason T. to join him for a morning of shrimping.

Pretty calm conditions, but lots of boats out and especially our drop zone just 10 minutes away from the marina.

We marked healthy clouds of shrimp deeper, but had dropped in around 320′ of water just beyond the edges/contours on the bathymetric.

Armed with soy sauce, we were smacking our chops in hopes of bountiful limits.

This pot probably had over 160 spot prawns in it! Just loaded up but the overall size was smaller than I’d seen in Hood Canal.

We boiled some up using David’s alcohol stove, a little dipping sauce and some cold beers was good stuff!


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