Hood Canal Amaebi: 5/11/19

This year, I was able to make the Hood Canal spot prawn opener. Its typically scheduled for the first Saturday in May, but that conflicted with our Neah Bay trip. However, due to extreme tides the WDFW had postponed this until the following week. I had invited Joe H. and Sun Y. to join me and my sons to try to find these tasty prawns.

Joe brought some steaks and we enjoyed them the night before.  We got the boat into the slip and gear loaded. I had made bait 5 days prior and had some frozen stuff from last season that I mixed into the que.

Nice weather, flat seas and a quick run to the drop zone about 30 minutes from the cabin. 

WDFW only allows for a 4 hour window, the hood canal or A12 is open for spot prawning from 9 am to 1 pm. We were able to get to my location and surveyed the bottom and could clearly see the clouds of prawns on the hard rocky bottom in about 200′ of water. Here is the photo of my pot line while we were bringing it up and you can see the turquoise colored schools.

Success! 5 limits in fairly short order. We are going to eat well!

Happy with limits and heading back to port to clean up, pack up and enjoy the harvest with our families.


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