Neah Bay Halibut:5/4/19

Day 3 would take us back to the SWC of the C-closure in 550-600′ of water. The same tackle recipe was: medium and large copper pipe jigs, Norweigian jigs, Spreader bars with horse herring. Its nice being about to fish a 360 perimeter with the center consule floorplan.

Electric reels are super handy to have, this one I had the pleasure of fishing was the Shimano 4000HP mated to an Okuma Cedros 65-200# speed jigging rod. Super light and helpful to really put those pipe jigs into motion as the fish just go nuts for it.


Hook ups all the way around and we boated 20+ halibut on that one drift!

The look of success, with some nice fixin’s for dinner. Chicken sized halibut 20-30# were perfect table fare and some decent ling cod, but nothing as large as we’ve seen in years prior.

Awesome experience to see this Ocean Sunfish all the way out in the middle of the ocean. We had this eye to eye connection as it was orbiting checking us out just as we were doing the same.

A full fish box and heading back to port, happy, tired, and ready to process fish, and head back home.

No shortage of these guys are hanging out around the cleaning area and waiting for an easy snack of halibut heads. They are really powerful animals being able to whip a head across the water ripping pieces of flesh off and consuming them.


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