Low flows for some Hos and Chums: 11/20/18

Winter is near and you can just feel it in the air with sub zero overnight temps, the frost on the trees and ground and the shortened hours of daylight. I was itching to get back to the Green river, this time to give it a try with the new to me 2-man Koffler pram.  Although the flows were dropping and very clear at 403 cfs, it would be a good test of her manueverability and balance for the full day drift.

One new thing I tried was using Ride Sharing services as a shuttle. It was easy and convenient to launch the boat at the Whitney bridge park and drive back to the highway 18 takeout while my Lyft driver was waiting to pick me up to shuttle me back up to meet with Ben L. and get the float started.

Here’s the view of the river this morning, as you can see how low the river is, I was concerned about the various log jams long the river below Metzeler, but we were able to portage in those cautionary zones.

A fine fall day, perfect for fishing and catching!

I noticed some rather loud splashing upstream, which I thought was a school of chums moving, but to my surprise was a young Doe. While I was sitting in the boat, I quickly picked up my phone and was able to film this footage. Pretty interesting behaviour, especially since normally wildlife don’t want to be seen and or approach humans.


We lost count of the chums that were hooked, landed and released. It wasn’t about the numbers, but about getting out, getting some sunshine, eating outside, having a cold beer and enjoying time with a friend.

One section of the river we spotted so many male bald eagles, perhaps its was close to dusk and feeding time?

The Koffler did well and although it was tight to get back to the takeout as we weren’t even halfway done with the float when it was 15:30. We only had an hour or so of daylight left, so we had to boogie it down as warp row speed. I know I left a few bits of aluminum and gluvit on the rocks.


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