Green River Chum: 11/16/18

I was on the east coast for the past week visiting family and needed to wet a line. Since my last Chum outing was a bust and I had a few hours to fish, I decided to head down to Auburn and give the Green River a try.

David K. had reported good numbers of fish at Metzler park and the float and jig were pretty effective. I decided to try my hand at gear fishing with a level wind baitcaster reel and my float rod. Since I’m a novice gear steelhead fisherman, I figured it’d be good practice to get more acquainted with the gear I purchased last year.

While it’s a departure from fly fishing, it is alot easier on my arms and shoulder. The gear is pretty simple and the drifts much longer with the ability to find more willing biters.

While I still enjoy fly fishing, there is merit with the baitcaster float set up in getting the longest drag free drift almost as good as using a centerpin reel, but much easier to cast and manage the line and fish with the faster retrieve and drag.

Here is a report that Jeff sent me when I was already on the water. The river was pretty low and clear and chum were visible along with a few fire truck coho.

Report: Green River. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the green river chum. We’ve been fishing it for the past week and it’s been fantastic. The drift from Whitney down has been fantastic. There are a lot of chum in the upper stretch around Metzler natural area. The park proper has been fantastic for the guys on the bank, with a few thick schools of coho up above the hatchery and chum stacked at the drift proper.

Yesterday we lost count at about 70 fish to the boat, it was every cast for a bit. Up higher, it’s been a 50-50 mix of dark coho to chum, down lower mostly chum, but the lower chum are brighter. I don’t think the run is over, a good rain will bring in a fresh push, we’ve got a week or two left of really great fishing.

Bobber and pink jig is where it’s at, we’re running 1-1/2 to 2 foot leaders on 20 lbs. to a 1/8 oz. pink or pink and white jig tipped with prawn. They are holding in the shallow froggy water, and are not line shy. Twitching jigs have been working as well in purple, pinks and blacks, but the fish are so thick the you’ll end up foul hooking more than you want, so I recommend running bobbers. Pulling in a big bruiser chum by the tail is a recipe for broken rods! Since they are so shallow, the short leaders help to run through those 2 foot deep flats.

On the bank the walk in area around the mouth of burns creek has been really good, so if you hoof it a bit you’ll find some elbow room, not a lot of bankies have been exploring outside of the Metzler drift proper.

One quick note: There is of course another log jam right below the Burns Creek eddy making the right hand side of the logs impassable, with multiple sweepers spanning the river. The slot to the right looks really skinny from up top of the drop, but you definitely need to stay right, there were a couple of guys that got into some super sticky situations going left earlier, and some guys unsure of the line to take that had to wait for those of us that knew the line to show them. in higher flows you won’t have that much time to make a decision on your line, and the left side will look passable, but it’s most certainly not. Stay right the whole way down and you’ll be fine.

If you want exact GPS coordinates and are in the Everett area come in and see me at work and I’ll get you set up.

Any color jig works well as long as it’s pink, and don’t forget your raw shrimp, that’s the secret sauce, you’ll catch five times the amount with it over a bare jig.”

As luck would have it, I had a pink jig and also some shrimp in my arsenal for the day. I started fishing a couple miles below Metzler at another King county Park but I had forgot my polarized sunglasses in the van so it was tougher to see where the fish were holding. I wasn’t able to pick up anything and noticed a few other anglers fishing below me in some froggy water that was holding coho.

I decided to move up the road to Metzler and it was a good decision. There were more fish along with fisherman. I ran into a fellow that said to hike up river as the bank fisherman tended to stick near each other. Up river there was plenty of room to spread out and get away. There were plenty of fish for everyone and I enjoyed the few hours to myself.

I ended up landing several chums and 1 coho. A nice day with a few nice fish to hand. All the fish were released and only my report and photos remain. I hope to float it soon while the fish and flows are good. Should be good for another week or two.


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