4 strikes and you’re out!: 10/30/2018

It had been more than 7 years since I had visited this fishery. I went back through the archives to catch up on the details of this trip. What worked, what didn’t and got a little background as Jeff H. and I planned a return trip today.

Here is a link to the old report

Johns’ creek flows into Oakland Bay near Shelton. Its about 90 miles away from my home and located off highway 3 just a few miles north of Shelton. There is a little WDFW parking spot as indicated on the link from Google Maps: The Great Washington State Birding Trail

It’s been sometime since I’d picked up a fly rod apart from my recent Beaver Lake outing. I wanted to make sure I was prepped with new tipped, checking the lines, reel, and flies that worked. I had to fix the old net that I’d bought a few years back as it needed some handle and strap work, but finding some parts off some recycled crutches worked and I wanted to be best prepared.

The tide would be a flood at 12:10 with a rather large exchange of water of over 15′. Hopefully the recent rains and this big tide swing would give reason for the big Keta salmon a strong signal to return.


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