Beaver Lake: 10/22/18

WDFW announced the annual brood stock planting for Beaver Lake. That means it was time to give Todd B. a call and head to his house on the lake for some fun wrangling in some big brutes on the fly rod. Timing was excellent as I rolled up to Todd’s house around 09:30 and walked down to the dock and started rowing the Clackacraft out around 9:40.

The news was out and there were about a half dozen watercraft out waiting for the arrival of the hatchery truck from the Issaquah. Their plan was to release about 800 fish in two plants through the morning.

As you can see these fish exhibit a porposing behaviour after being tossed into a new environment. Perhaps the water temp was cold or the pH was off, but they didn’t seem to be in the biting mood right off the bat. After making a dozen or so casts, I finally connected with the first fish. Nice fat, broodstock trout that put a good bend in the fly rod.

The fly of choice was a small hothead bead chartruese fly with marabou tail. This wasn’t snagged or belly hooked. The fly did slide right out of the fishes mouth when it was netted and released.

Todd enjoying a few fish while his dog Kona watches anxiously!


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