Hawken magnetic release

There have been products in the past that tackle manufacturers have made to help fisherman. This one is a simple but effective solution to the dreaded flasher fight. When a salmon fisherman connects with a fish, he or she has to ‘fight’ the drag and action of the flash and the fish. This sometimes results in a lost fish due to the cat and mouse between the angler and the fish.

Hawkens has come out with a product called the ‘Simon 360 Breakaway System’. It consists of a coastlock swivel attached to the 150# length of Nickel Titanium wire and then a barrel swivel, which is attached to a smaller stainless swivel and then a pair of magnetic clamps ending at the snap swivel.

The manufacturer recommends cutting the coastlock off the fat end of the flasher and replacing it with the snap ring. However, I want the option of removing this release and being able to re-use the flasher. I simply relocate the snap ring off the magnetic end and place it on the Hawkens stainless steel ball bearing swivel end and connect the factory coastlock swivel to the eye of the magnetic release.

This is what a final set up should look like. The only way for the magnets to release is when the weight of a fish pulls on the lure end, which will cause the ends to break their union. The Nickel wire limits the pull to prevent false releases. The action of the flasher seems a little different with this set up, but the crazier and more off the spin is, the better in my book.

Fighting the fish is much nicer since they is to drag or spin of that flash, the angler fights the fish and its alot smoother and the flasher usually floats to the surface. Give them a try, they retail for $9.99 and can be found at a variety of sporting good stores.


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