Taco Tuesday: 9/25/18

The reports of Sound Coho fishing have been steady and very good for many anglers. With the passing of the Everett Coho Derby, the crowds would subside and provide a good opportunity for David and I to get out to try our luck.

We met at the dock at 06:15 and assembled the gear and prepped the boat as we slid out of the slip towards the breakwater opening of the jetty wall. We could tell it was going to be a glorious morning with the colors of the sunrise already on the horizon and Mt. Rainier peeking through in the distance.  You can barely see it on the very left in the photo below.

I was anxious to test out a new rod, the Okuma Salish mooching rod. A 10’6″ 15-30# medium action rod. The price was certainly right at $84.99 and the rod is super light and fitted with a carbon fiber lower handle with an X-rap upper EVA foam. The reel seat is plastic, but there was an additional aluminum locking ring to help keep the main ring from loosening over time.

I can say, I LOVE THIS ROD and its a much nicer upgrade over the Shimano Convergence and lighter than the Okuma Blue Diamond series, which was a bit heavier and bulkier. The graphite on this rod is quicker and more sensitive.

As with any new equipment, there always is a ‘jinx’ associated with it, but not today. The Salish rod did a great job handling this nice female Coho that took the pink hootchie with LED lighted Green flasher.

We grinded out the morning for a few more hours and picked up our limits of cookie cutter coho. We got off the water by 10:30 and headed out for breakfast. Coho, Chicken Fried Steak, Pancakes and Coffee, doesn’t get much better than that for a beautiful Tuesday morning on our Puget Sound.

I was able to test out the new Simon breakaway flasher linkage. Its really the best thing since sliced bread for detaching the flasher from a fighting fish. I was able to clearly fight just the fish and not the pull or drag of the flasher in the water column. I will be using this product 100% from now on with all my rigs on my boat. This beats the defunct Q-Cove system and the Gibbs pin by a landslide. I’ll have to modify those flashers or get rid of them from my inventory.

The Simon uses two strong magnets that only release when a fish hits the lure. To be sure there are no false releases, there is a 150# Nickel Titanium wire that secures the end to end of the flasher and can only be tripped when the weight of a fish is on the lure and lure only. Smart! This product retails for $9.99 and you might want to consider trying it out and seeing how your landing results are with it, as we had zero lost this morning.

Over time, I’ve really loved the performance of the Abel Mooching reels, with the ultra smooth oversized cork disc drag to the big sculpted handles, this reel is perfect for fishing and fighting salmon. I also report that using the Berkeley Big Game Solar Green mono running line is excellent for visibility and strength so far. I’ve used Maxima ultra green for years, but may be switching out to the Solar green as its easier to see as it enters the water and helps others keep away from from the mainline when fighting and or landing fish.


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