Finally in the box! 3/4/18

I had some work to wrap up on Pegasus: new higher mount kicker bracket, and odds and ends. I ended up calling Chris M. to join me with the 209 to target some area 9 blackmouth. After my dismal outings with the seals in area 10 I needed some redemption.

We met up at 14:30 and pushed off for the flood tide change at 17:37. Chris brined up a dozen herring and we tried mooching for a couple of hours on the Leeward side of Pt. Hannon near Hoods Head. While we didn’t mark much bait, we also didn’t have any takedowns. The winds were picking up so we decided to head south into area 12 territory to fish Sisters and Case Shoal. Both places didn’t hold much bait or fish.

We wrapped up heading north and fished white rock, but that once the sun was dipping below the hills it got cold. I was about done and Chris managed to hit two sublegal sized fish with his white lightening Coho Killer in 100′ FOW.

Trolling South, looking north towards Hood Canal Bridge

One sublegal fish

We decided to give Skunk Bay a try the next day. Met at 06:00 and pushed off the docks with a renewed hope that we’d find fish and bait. We pounded around until a little after 08:00 with very bleak signs of life. Chris did have a fish on momentarily, but a knick in the line or bad knot caused that one to never feel the net bag. Heres a view looking towards Point No Point Lighthouse in the distance with the morning Sunrise in the background.

I made the decision to pull the plug after several passes at Skunk, Norweigian Pt., PNP, Pilot Pt. without a single hit. David K. had done well 24 hours prior at Possession, so we pulled the gear and made the run to Tin Shed.

Once we hit the outer bar, bait was everywhere in the 140-150 contour. The winds were 10 knots from the South and the tide was still moving out, so had a job to make sure we didn’t blow off the mark and fish the edges of that contour into the horse shoe. I switch up to a glow tiger green flasher with a Kingfisher lite 2.0 cop car spoon in tow. That was the hot ticket to get the attention of these feeder blackmouth.

Within the first pass, my rod hooked up and then after a few more passes we got our second fish and limits.

Tips for good blackmouth fishing is to be on the bottom, dragging mud. You’ll notice the scrapes on these fish gillplates. They are rooting around for Sand lance at Mid Channel Bank and chasing these red label sized herring that were lighting up the sounder.

We’re eating fresh fish for dinner!


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